As a room in which you spend an extraordinary amount of time, you want your bedroom to be as pleasant and comfortable as possible. This often means ensuring that the colour scheme, bedding and, most importantly, furniture, are just right.

Without the right furniture you can be left with a room that appears as if it has been cobbled together from odd bits and bobs and isn’t quite finished. What style of furniture you decide upon usually depends on your individual tastes but one common favourite that looks great in any situation is traditional wooden furniture.

Your Options

Whether it is beautiful pine bedroom furniture or slightly newer treated furniture, wood brings a very special atmosphere to a room; giving it a more natural feel that appears far cosier and more welcoming. By using traditional woods to create bedroom furniture such as beds, cupboards and chest of drawers, you can bring a solid, earthy feel to your bedroom – making it one of the rooms you’ll always want to be in.

Thankfully, wooden furniture is also incredibly long lasting and durable, meaning that many people will retain this furniture for the whole of their lives.

Versatility and Popularity

Wooden furniture is also incredibly versatile and can be mixed and matched with considerable ease. For instance, oak bedroom furniture can be used in the same room as much darker rich cherry pieces if arranged correctly. Using rugs to break up stark contrasts between woods, balancing different sides of your bedroom with different woods and using colour to tie a mix of two woods together are all options which can allow you to combine a variety of woods within a single room in an attractive way.

Wood is a popular material to work with when creating furniture for a variety of reasons. It often gives a more traditional feel to a home, reminding the inhabitants of an older time when wood was the dominant building material. This nostalgic approach to using wood in the home can create fantastic effects and really bring your bedroom to life.

With such a huge variety of woods to choose from you are also incredibly spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding exactly what shade, grain and finish you prefer. This ability to create drastically different looks according to your tastes is just one of the reasons wood remains popular. It is also known for its physical strength and stability, offering a long-lasting and durable material which will stand up well to the wear and tear of everyday life.

Particularly in the bedroom, where the focal point is often your bed, you need furniture that looks fantastic at all times. While other materials may come in and out of fashion, wood will always be incredibly popular and stylish thanks to its beauty, adaptability and stability.