Architecture is simply defined, in most English dictionaries, as ‘the art and science of designing structures or buildings’ but, as I found out working as a professional architect for some time, that architecture is broader than how it is simply defined.

Most people when they think of architecture would think of houses, buildings, architects working on drawings, structural columns and beams, mouldings, cornices and the like.  Well, that’s what I also thought before of architecture when I was still a student, until I graduated and entered the real world and did real projects.  And then I got to see the other side of architecture and experience a deeper understanding of what my profession really is about.

indian architecture

Architecture is an art.  It is an expression of the architect’s emotions, beliefs and ideals.  It is a lifestyle; a reflection of one’s personality.  It moves people, stimulating their emotions, imparting inspiration.  It tells a story, of events that has happened and events that has yet to come.  It is time, connecting the past, the present and the future.

Architecture is science.  It realizes concepts and ideas into reality.  Making what seems to be impossible possible.  It studies humans in a detailed way, making sure every detail is covered.  It understands all branches of science from mathematics, physics to chemistry, biology, understanding how things work and how it can blend in with its environment.

Architecture connects people, creating communities, creating cultures and ideals, creating experiences.

Architecture is also business and politics.  It understands profit, it understands economics.  It studies human laws and guidelines, making sure everything is in sync and in order.

Architecture is basically a collection of a lot of different things and what I’ve written here is just the tip of the iceberg.  You have to experience it yourself to truly understand what architecture is.

Modern Architecture Architects in a way are artists, dreamers, businessmen, engineers, doctors, psychologist, physicist, teachers, builders, lawyers, leaders, and a lot more all rolled into one.

The definition of architecture may be different to a lot of people but I’m pretty much sure that it is more than just art and science.