Wallpaper can be the most rewarding interior design decision you make for your home. But choosing the right one can also be an overwhelming process. In this article, we’ll do three things to help you: give you a few points to keep in mind before you begin, show you a collection of inspirational wallpaper images from the web, and refer you to further reading on the dos and don’ts of choosing wallpaper.

Keep In Mind

Remember that you can actually hang wall paper over nearly any surface, including brick or tile. It involves a few additional steps like applying a thick, blank layering called a bridging material, which smooths over uneven surfaces. Before you begin, ask yourself a few questions to help simplify the process: What end result are you going for? Are you planning to do all the walls, or feature only one? Covering stained walls may involve a different approach than going for a completely new color scheme. What size is the room you plan to wallpaper? Very small, detailed wallpaper can get lost in a large, spacious room. And  big, bold print can overwhelm a small room. What style is your home and your room’s furniture? If the room you want to wallpaper already has furniture from a distinct period style, like Victorian or Contemporary, you want the wallpaper to complement, not compete or confuse.

Inspirational Wallpaper Images

Bold Patterns

gold leaf walls

large pattern

more green on white

Chinese lattice wallpaper

bright walls

back and white wallpaper

wallpaper for a nursery

Mellow Patterns

gold wallpaper

green and white wallpaper

homemade walls

understated wallpaper

pastel wallpaper

pastel paper

mellow wallpaper

Floral Patterns


wallpaper floral

green and brown wallpaper

colorful wallpaper

vibrant green

wallpaper colorful

floral pattern

Wild Prints

multi-colored walls

Wild patterns

news wallpaper


More Creative Design Ideas

Unusual Designs

Swirly wallpaper

Cool design

mix n match


watercolor walls

The above is a watercolor wallpaper (see more diy ideas at Design*Sponge).

Other Uses for Wallpaper

wallpaper on the stairs

wallpaper framed

shelves paper

Wallpaper framed

For further reading, check out The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing Wallpaper.