As house prices fall more and more people are looking at ways of increasing the value of their own property. Loft conversions are one of the best ways to do so, by adding another room to your home and a usable space which is unique. Many people decide that they will turn their loft into a bedroom as it makes the most financial sense, increases the property value by a significant amount and can also be used for someone in the household or as a guest room. If you’re thinking of turning your loft space into a beautiful bedroom then look no further than this guide!

It’s all in the planning

If your loft has been filled with junk over the last few years and not had a good viewing then you will definitely need to take a torch up there. Take up a tape measure too and work out the size of the space available including the height and steepness of the slope. Those with a larger slope will be a lot easier to convert into a bedroom than those with a lower ceiling, although it isn’t impossible! You will also need to consider whether there is enough space for things such as fitted wardrobes or plumbing for an en-suite. When you have a better idea of the space available it is then down to you or an architect to come up with a detailed plan for the building and renovation work.

Windows,  doors and stairs

When you have a good plan of the size and shape of the room there are some key elements that need to be thought about and added in. If the loft conversion only has temporary stairs (as in those that pull down) then it cannot be counted as another room in the home by valuers. This means that a proper bedroom conversion must have a set of sturdy stairs that are permanent and can also be used as a fire escape. Will the loft conversion have a door keeping it separate from the rest of the house or will it be more open plan? Finally, windows are vital for making a dark, dinghy space into a bright and airy bedroom. There are various different types of window you can get for a loft conversion, including sun tunnels, skylights and roof domes. Pick your windows correctly for a good mix of natural light and style.

The finishing touches

Once all of the building work has been completed it is all down to the finishing touches. This could be from how you colour the walls to the furniture you decide on. Those who have a passion for interior design will have absolutely no problems deciding on a scheme for their brand new bedroom. However, if you are struggling then put together a mood board. This can have samples of your favourite colours or wallpapers, swatches of certain fabrics and pictures of pieces of furniture. You will be able to build up a better idea of how the bedroom is going to look once it has all been completed. If all else fails then hire an interior decorator to do the hard work for you!