Paris is without a doubt a tourist haven. It not only has more than enough tourist attractions but is also filled with many exciting activities that you will be choosing from. But few things compare to visiting the colossal Eiffel Tower while you are in the French capital of Paris.

The stunning Eiffel Tower never loses its attractive appeal for tourists. This monumental tower was erected in 1889 to mark the centennial of the historical French Revolution. It’s difficult to imagine that this tower was considered abhorrent by most people back when it was built! And today it stands proud in the grand City of Lights, as a exemplary symbol of magnificence and art. And Tom Cruise is not the only one who proposed a beautiful woman in the shade of the sloping tower.

The Jules Verne restaurant has become just as popular as the tower itself and offers some delectable varieties of classic French cuisine. It is set atop some four hundred feet height marking the second level of the tower. The day time at the Eiffel Tower is usually more crowded, and the night time is much more fun with the frolicking lights and lively panorama.

The Eiffel tower is not just a historical delight, but an architectural amusement as well. The cast iron girders and sloping legs have become a familiar feature which shows inventive elegance and stands prominent in the beautiful and romantic city of Paris in all its magnificent glory. Once you have booked yourself a trip to Paris, it is a good idea to get travel insurance since the trip can be on the expensive side.


The Louvre Museum in Paris is an enchanting venue for tourists who want a taste of superb ancient art. There are many guided tours in Paris that will take you on a journey towards the depths of French culture and the solemn beauty of the three important arts of the museum will leave you astounded.

The first is a statue of the beloved Greek goddess Nike who was the eminent goddess of victory with grandiose wings. It is set upon the isle of Samothrace (an island in the North Aegean Sea) and is meant to celebrate success and victory and at sea in the second century BC.

The second is the classic winged sculpture of the goddess Aphrodite, called the Venus de Milo Melos. This wondrous statuette is characteristic of the primordial Hellenistic period.

Then of course there is the Michelangelo painted archetypal of the Mona Lisa also called La Giaconda and dates back to 1503 to 1506. Historians are confused as to who the actual Mona Lisa was but there are certain references of a Mona Lisa who married a Florence man with the surname Giaconda. But Giaconda in Italian refers to a cheerful or optimistic woman. Leonardo is known to have made the portrait in Italy and then have brought it to France.

Many guided tours can provide you with proper historic details of these works in the Louvre Museum and there are many other departments in the museum which will also keep you on your toes. If you have a quest for knowledge of such art you must visit the Louvre Museum while you stay in Paris.