One trip to Europe and I was hooked on the beautiful old structures that dotted the landscapes of cities and towns across the continent.  With beautiful stone and old wood, many of these dwellings looked like picturesque scenes out of fairytale books.  Using materials like stone, you too can achieve the look of a rustic cabin, a fairytale cottage, or a castle fit for a king.

When you use natural materials like stone, granite, and marble, you are able to create beautiful designs which have the power to transform your entire home.  This includes an antique or old world feel.  Across Europe, whether it’s Mediterranean villas, French farm houses, English country cabins, or the castles across Ireland and Scotland, natural materials like stone are combined in interesting ways.  These versatile designs communicate not only the spirit of the region, but its natural beauty. When you combine materials like stone, granite, marble, wood, and clay, you are able to create designs which make your home look and feel antique.  You are able to transport visitors to a simpler, more romantic period simply by entering your home.

Using Old World Materials in New Homes

Materials like stone, wood, and granite have an “old world” feel.  Their use with mosaic tiles, granite, wood, clay, and marble combine to create fabulous homes that feel antique, but offer modern flair and sophistication.  When you’re using these antique or old world materials, keep in mind the following style recommendations:

  • Create a focal point of the room with your natural stone materials
  • Get dramatic with your accent pieces to show off the natural elements used in your home
  • Use muted color palettes in your structures to recreate an antique feeling
  • Mix textures to create an interesting stone design
  • Consider a flooring that will accent your chosen design like marble, granite, or slate
  • Use plants to reinforce a sense of nature in your designs

Reinforce the Idea of Elegance and Sophistication

The key to using antique or old world materials in a modern home is to amp up the design elements to make it feel elegant.  Mix your stone elements with rich dark woods, luxurious fabrics, and timeless furniture pieces.  While you loved the idea of French farmhouse designs, you don’t want to be living in an actual farmhouse.  Get creative, but remember the key is creating a modern but old feeling sense of luxury and sophistication.  Imagine the possibilities you can create with stone products.

Michael Mehr is the owner of Stone Mart USA , a premiere stone importer with exclusive designs imported directly from Europe.  Working with only the best masons and manufacturers in the industry, Stone Mart USA offers its clients exclusive and high quality designs.