They may be called “side tables” but that doesn’t mean they aren’t center-of-attention worthy!

Side Tables Which Double As Stools

Many side tables double as stools, and make for a stylishly efficient use of space. As opposed to bulky dresser-type side table, they can be moved around the room easily, and are perfect additions to any room. Slide them next to a sofa for a perfect beverage perch or extra seat for a guest. In a smaller room, a functional piece of furniture is always convenient.

A painted tree stump is an earth-friendly example of a such a side table:

resin tree stump side table

Stool and Side Table

Side Table and Stool

Getting Creative

A side table that stands out doesn’t have to be pricey. This do-it-yourself project is made from a collection of books, belts, wood and paint. As it is made from re-purposed material, it is an earth-friendly example of how you can recycle the items you already have in your home. While it has the storage space of many ordinary side tables, this colorful stand also has artistic flair.

Book Side Table

A creative way to have an inside garden is to situate an antique side table (maybe one on its last legs) near some windows, and fill it with your favorite greenery.

Garden Side Table

Function First

In this rustic interior, the steps from one room to another function as a perfect side table where there is enough room to place a beverage, a remote, or the book you’re reading while lounging on the sofa. A separate side table doesn’t fit, unless it were crowded awkwardly into some other part of the room, out of reach.

Steps as a Side Table

Side tables can also function as room partitions, as in this children’s room wherein the bed is creatively partitioned from the play area.

Side table partition

When another piece of furniture would only add clutter to the room, and yet the storage space is necessary, a wall-mount serves as a functional side table. It doesn’t consume any extra floor space and yet acts as a useful decorative detail.

wall mount side table

A Final Angle

How important is a side table? Ask someone who has wandered around a sparse room looking for a spot to place their beverage or seat themselves (when the traditional chairs are occupied), and ended up standing awkwardly shifting their drink from hand to hand. They are important, and the good news is with such versatile options suited for any home, its fun to give them the attention they deserve!