From the ancient Romans to modern day contemporary landscape designers, shrines to water have been used as garden centrepieces for many thousands of years.  The essence of flowing water by its very nature has been considered the ‘soul’ of many prominent gardens both civic and private since antiquity.  In the gardens of Roman nobility the murmuring sound of falling water was essential for living the ‘vita otium’ which was a life associated with relaxation, contemplation, study and leisure.

The Romans used to adorn water garden features with statues of the Gods such as Neptune, and Triton with other mythical characters from History.  The Victorians as did the Romans, also loved to be charmed by animal spouts especially lion wall fountains, which symbolised strength honour and nobility.  The renaissance designers of the great Italian gardens used the magic and mysticism of water as a symbol of prosperity and celebrated it as a source of life for all to enjoy.

Today, the London based firm Milibus, are sculptors of fine ornamental wall fountains for luxury bathrooms, pools and gardens have set out to re-create the virtues and timeless magic of these classical gardens in their latest creations. Milibus previously specialized in ‘one off ‘ commissions for private clients, but they have recently started their own brand of fountains, each cast as an individual art piece using traditional lost wax methods in Bronze, Stainless Steel and 18 ct Gold metals. Other beautiful designs will be available soon such as horses, Japanese dragons and Renaissance cherubs (Putti,) from the London based firm. For more information on these unique desgins, see