This small apartment, measuring just 46 sq meters (500 sq feet), was taken to its fullest potential in interior design and furnishing. With such restriction on space it can be difficult to decide what goes where and how to decorate. You can see from the images that there were several decisions made to utilise the small amount of space to the fullest.

Points to consider in renovating a small apartment or flat:

  1. Where possible, build cupboards and wardrobes into the walls
  2. Inset shelving and utilities such as ovens and microwaves can also be fit into wall alcoves
  3. Furniture can be found and which has a smaller “depth” (the amount they stick out from the wall). You can see in the images below that the sofa, tables and shelves have less than normal depth
  4. Use light colours in furnishing and decorating. Lighter colours tend to expand a rooms space and make walls and objects feel like they are furhter away from you
  5. Installing mirrors or reflective and glass furniture can also help make a room feel bigger
  6. Try to let as much light as possible in through the windows
  7. If you have the advantage of high ceilings, make use of this with a loft bedroom or storage
  8. Install plenty of lights. If you follow the above points, this can greatly enhance the feeling of size in a room