If you’ve ever watched any home improvement channels,Ai??you’veAi??probably seen those shows where interior designers work with home-ownersAi??to completely redo a room or an entire home within a short amount of time, on a shoestring budget. Unfortunately, in the real world, doing so much in such a small amount of time justAi??isn’tAi??possible, even if you do hire a professional interior designer to help you. In this article, youai??i??ll learn some of the pros and cons of hiring an interior design consultant, and youai??i??ll also learn what they can (and canai??i??t) do for you.

How to Tell If You Need to Hire a Pro

If your answer to any of the following questions is ai???yesai???, you should seriously consider hiring a design professional for your project.

  • Do you spend the majority of your time working and taking care of your home and family?
  • Do you feel like there justAi??aren’tAi??enough hours in the day?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of paint and fabric choices that are available?

If you do decide to hire a pro, speak with a few different designers before you make your selection.

The Pros of Hiring a Designer

  • Theyai??i??ll suggest ideas you might not have envisioned; itai??i??s always good to have a fresh pair of eyes on a project.
  • They have relationships with upholsterers, cabinet makers, and other vendors, and they can recommend the best as well as get discounts that may not otherwise be available to you.
  • A design professional will work with your builder during a remodel or fresh build to ensure that the lighting and floor plans work well together.
  • They will use an analytical approach in order to best identify your functional and aesthetic needs.

The Cons of Hiring a Designer


  • Thereai??i??s always the possibility of some of your desires getting lost in translationai??i??and of you ending up with exactly the room youAi??didn’tAi??want.
  • They may not understand the scope of your project, and might neglect to provide you with an agreement letter.
  • Designers can be ai???too busyai??? to give your project the attention it needs (and that you deserve).
  • As with other relationships, people sometimes just donai??i??t ai???clickai???.

Hiring an interior designer is a decision thatAi??shouldn’tAi??be made lightly. After all, youai??i??re trusting this person enough to welcome them into your homeai??i??and to hand them your hard-earned money. The ai???consai??i?? on this list will never be an issue as long as you hire an interior design pro with whom you feel comfortable. Youai??i??ll be spending a lot of time with your chosen designer, and your level of trust in them will go a long way in making your project a complete success.

Always ask for references and to see a portfolio of the designerai??i??s work. If their previous designs make a good impression on you, itai??i??s more likely that you will like what they will create for you. If possible, find a designer that can be highly recommended by friends or family and if not make sure that you are able to get some feedback and references from previous clients. You can also visit The British Institute for Interior Design to learn more, find a designer or check if a designer is a member.