Property renovation has been a large industry for a considerable amount of time and, despite difficulties in the property market, there is still money to be made renovating homes.

Here we take a look at the top five mistakes people make in renovation projects and how you can avoid them with steps as simple as making the most of your furniture, opting for quality and above all else being realistic about your expectations!

Mistake #1: Not considering the location

Property price is not determined by the size and quality of the build alone. A number of factors will affect the resale value after you have renovated, with the most important probably being the property location.

If you fail to reflect the standards expected of the surrounding area or renovate too extensively in an undesirable area, you may find yourself out of pocket.

Solution: remember to take the location into account and renovate your home in a way which is in-keeping with local surroundings. Look to nearby homes for inspiration with your renovation.

Mistake #2: Using poor contractors

You will end up spending a considerable amount of time with your contractor, so it’s important that the relationship is a healthy one and that they’re easy to work with. This is particularly true if you’re renovating your own home as you won’t want to share such an important space with someone you can’t work with or annoys you.

Solution: choose someone that is easy to contact, quick to respond to your calls and has plenty of glowing references. This is a good sign that they’re a reliable contractor and not just another cowboy looking to make a fast buck!

Mistake #3: Going overboard

Another big mistake often made with renovations is going overboard with what’s included. While you may want your home to have all of the modern luxuries at your disposal, that doesn’t mean it’s wise to do so. Not only can it cost you an arm and a leg but it can also have a negative impact on the appearance of your renovated home.

Solution: make sure you keep your renovation in realistic realms by opting for a few choice pieces of furniture and set features. Something as simple as your choice of sofa can plays a huge role in the overall feel of the restoration, so take your time and shop with confidence. Certain firms come highly recommended in this regard and one great example is Nabrularge corner sofas from Nabru with optional storage are a great inclusion in any home and can act as the central feature in your renovation.

Mistake #4: Cheap materials

It’s important to remember that, when it comes to materials, you get what you pay for. Consequently, investing in cheap materials won’t be beneficial to the build in the long run and may lead to problems in the future.

Solution: selecting high quality materials will not only make the property look better, but also make it last. The same should be applied to your interior as there is nothing worth than a stunning outside appearance paired with a lacklustre and inferior inside.

Mistake #5: Setting an unrealistic budget

Perhaps the biggest mistake of all is that of setting an unrealistic budget. It may be your dream to get everything done for a pittance but chances are this won’t happen. Setting yourself a budget which is simply too low will not only put pressure on you and your renovation but it could also prompt you to make bad choices where quality is concerned.

Solution: don’t restrict your spending to the absolute minimum and still expect to come out with a quality product. Remember that a good renovation will cost money so be realistic about what you expect and cut costs, not corners.