Something you don’t think much about is mold. When you go to clean your living room every week the worst you can expect to find is a bit of dust. Maybe someone comes walking into the house with dirty shoes and you have to scrub some dirt out from the carpet. If your child drops some milk on the carpet that’s a little worse because it smells so bad. But you’d never expect to find mold. That’s just disgusting. You’d probably want to throw your couch out if you ever noticed some fungal growth has stole your seat.

The last thing you want to start doing is throwing everything out. That’s why the only course of action is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Mold grows in a few problematic areas, inside and outside your home. You don’t want it growing anywhere since it can cause you all sorts of problems. Follow these 6 steps and make sure it never rears its ugly head in the first place. Once you know how to prevent it you’ll feel safe sitting on the couch again.

Learn to keep things dry

When things are wet it doesn’t take too long for mold to start growing. It makes sense to keep things dry as much as possible. If you’re cleaning the dishes and you use a towel to dry them you don’t then throw it in the corner for days on end. You might get a nasty surprise when you come back to it. Just keep an eye on everything and you will be OK.

Don’t stop cleaning

When you’re finished using a surface you should be cleaning it with disinfectant and drying in properly. When you don’t clean things properly you can’t expect nothing bad to happen. It’s dirty and completely careless. Watch out for floors around the home and clean them at least weekly. If there’s a damp patch then you obviously want to rectify it straight away.

Use an exhaust fan

Have you even noticed how much your bathroom steams up when you jump out of the shower? Sometimes it’s so thick it’s hard to see too far in front of you. You can’t then go and leave it all to disappear on its own. Throw an exhaust fan in the ceiling and all your prayers will be answered. You can also use one in the kitchen since that also gets its fair share of steam.

Stay on top of plumbing leaks

When you notice anything wrong with your plumbing you should get someone to fix it straight away. There’s no point in telling yourself you will do it next week when you have more money, because there could be big problems before then. Whenever you notice water dripping from anywhere or any puddles lying around, take a closer look and see where it’s coming from.

Dry your clothes properly

Don’t start taking damp clothes and throwing them in your closet. Wet clothing should never be put in a cool closet without first being dried. You’ve no idea how bad this is and what sorts of problems it can cause. Plus you don’t want to waste perfectly good clothes because they get some new dirty fungal designs. Just give them a good feel before you put them away.

Check your plants

Everyone loves keeping plants at home because they keep the place looking beautiful and smelling great. But sometimes mold can start growing on the top of the soil, or even on the leaves of the plant. Keep a good eye out for this because it’s something that can easily go unnoticed, but can be fixed straight away.

Allen Baker has been a renowned interior design consultant. He advocates the use of PEX pipe in household applications.

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