The idea of painting the inside of a room or the outside of a home might seem simple, but examples of homes that were painted by their owners with no previous experience show that knowing how to paint can make a very large difference.  Professional painting services offer homeowners a variety of options that can help to define a home on the inside and outside.  Some of the services are basic interior painting, exterior finishing and protection, trompe l’oeil, and even complete faux finishes to match an existing décor.   Using painting contractors can add the professional finishing touches that complete the look of a home.

Painting and Decorating

Contracting Your Project

Painting contractors do much more than simply apply paint to the walls of a home.  Professional contractors must first prepare the walls.  This involves removing any problematic paint, finishes, or other blemishes.  The wall must then be sanded until it is flat.  Depending on the type of wall, putty or another material can then be pushed into depressions and holes, and the entire wall sanded again to achieve a perfectly flat surface.  After allowing the walls to cure, they are then washed and permitted to dry.  It is only at this point that a contractor will start to paint interior walls.

Painting Procedures

When painting contractors are hired to paint the outside of a home, a long list of procedures are first done to ensure that the exterior surface of the home will accept the paint smoothly, will hold up under different weather conditions, and will not be harmed by the paint.  Sometimes, this process can involve other types of contractors, especially in situations where the house cannot be painted without first fixing damage or replacing parts of the outer walls.  Exterior painting can also require special equipment for application, and is best done by a professional since many aspects are weather dependent.  A poorly done exterior paint job will peel or flake away over time.

Research is Key

Choosing the right painting contractors can be difficult.  There are a few professional associations and trade unions that the painters can belong to that can help to determine their qualifications.  In some areas, professional painters are required to hold a license in order to perform contract work.  The best way to judge whether a contractor is right for a specific paint job is to look at the work that they have done previously.  Checking references about work habits as well as looking at how well their work has stood up over time can differentiate one contractor from another when considering different paint services.  It is also important to look at more than one contractor at first and to get a variety of quotes for the cost of the work to help get an idea of what the price range should be.

While speaking to the painting service that will be used, time can be saved by making a plan on how to prepare the target areas for the contractors.  This might involve moving furniture in a certain way, clearing out a backyard area, or having some simple rags and other supplies ready.  Being prepared for the contractors can make the entire process easier and less stressful for both parties.

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