The concept of using different colours to evoke certain emotions dates back to ancient civilizations, but in modern language, the philosophy is often called “Chromatherapy.” Warm colours like yellow, red and oranges produce a more energetic and invigorating effect whereas cooler blues and greens make one feel calmer and more relaxed. Considering what emotion you want your bedroom to provoke is important in choosing the colours for painting and decorating your bedroom.

The following photographs are examples of how painting and decorating with warm or cool colours (or a combination of both elements) create different emotions.

Using COOL colours for Painting and Decorating

The cool earth tones of blue and tan in this bedroom affect a calming and mellow mood. The brown is a grounding colour while the sky blue and white open the space, promoting a positive outlook. As it is a bedroom, if you want a space where you and your partner can have a space to relax and reconnect, choosing cool colours is optimal.

painting and decorating a blue bedroom


Pink: Decorating and Painting a nurturing room for your child

Pink is a soothing colour reminiscent of maternal comforts. This bedroom is lovely space for a little girl, with the light shades of pink, sheer floral curtains, and plenty of sunlight during the day. Painting and decorating with pink does not have to be limited to a girl’s bedroom, but accents of pink in the living room give it a soothing touch.

full refurbishment children room

Red for a Passionate Bedroom

Red is a colour associated with passion, and generally has a bolder and more stimulating emotional effect. It’s a strong colour choice, but if you are looking for your bedroom to be a place of energy and stimulation, then red may be right.

Luxury red full refurbishment bedroom

Balancing bedroom emotion with WARM colours

Mixing warm colours in painting and decorating a bedroom often create a joyful atmosphere conducive to conversation. There is a balance of emotional colour elements in this bedroom, with a red chair, burnt orange blanket and wooden furniture against cool white walls.

classic red bedroom full refurbishment

Let the yellow shine

Stepping outside and feeling the sunshine on your face might make you smile and feel optimistic about life. In the same way, painting and decorating your bedroom with yellow hues can induce a feeling of wellbeing. Not only do the cream-coloured walls help make the room feel more inviting, the sunny photograph decorating the back wall evokes a sense of joy.

Cream Bedroom Full Refurbishment