tileAs you all know, our recent house-buying venture has been somewhat of an eventful one. Despite this, the many ups and downs have all been worthwhile and we’re now the proud owners of our dream home.

Over the last year, I’ve discovered there is a lot more to buying a house than quite simply signing on the dotted line. There are mortgage repayments to consider, money matters to deliberate and renovation rules to abide by.

Of course, once all of these factors are put into place, it’s time to plan a number of fun interior projects, which is exactly what we did! A few of the rooms were a little dated, especially the bathroom. We’re lucky enough to have the use of a main family bathroom and a smaller shower room. This certainly stops any early morning arguments from occurring – where the race to the bathroom becomes one of sheer competiveness.

After deciding on a decidedly vibrant colour scheme, I turned to the technical requirements and invested in several shower pumps from Mira Showers. Our last shower was a little on the weak side and this time around; we wanted a fast-flowing power shower!

The family bathroom boasts a slight blue tinge complete with chrome coloured tiles, which match the new chrome showerhead perfectly! I went on to choose shelves, taps and towel rails in a similar hue.

The end result is a very contemporary space. However, I’m not one for overly modern styling and decided to mix this room up a little with the addition of a vintage fireplace.

In fact, the fireplace was always there, we only stumbled upon it when we began the lengthy gutting process. It’s now adorned with a few bath salts and oils and has been painted in an off-white colour.

Next, we moved on to our personal shower room, which can be accessed from our bedroom. This particular room has become my personal haven. It’s calm, serene and spa-like – just what I wanted! It’s more of a wetroom than anything else and features a shower tray as opposed to a traditional shower set-up.