This house extension design is really only doable with rural or countryside homes. This particular open plan extension, which seamlessly blends in to its patio garden, could be used for a little inspiration even if your building area is smaller.

Even with a few extra metres to build, your house extension can be contemporary and appear to give a huge amount of extra space.

Patio dining area with external lighting, and electric glass doors which allows for a completely open air kitchen and dining area. Ideal for warm, summer nights.

Smart use of an L-shaped home extension with sliding glass doors. Perfect for a romantic drink and a view of the sunset.

Most planning for extensions will restrict you to a certain sq meterage. However, with a clever design, you can seamlessly blend your extension to your patio and then even to your garden to make it look like they are all one.

This is a good way to design your home extension; Try not to constrict yourself by building as many rooms as you can get. Opt towards making it a place where you can relax and not feel squashed.