A recent guest writer mentioned a new subject to us which we thought was worth a mention. If you are moving home then you may be putting your home on the market or just sold your home. With this in mind it is important to leave your home looking good for the new occupants, and after having a removal company in or doing the move yourself, you may find quite few hidden horrors on your hands.

Here’s a few economic tips for your after-move decorating:

  • Put paint cans in old plastic containers. This will prevent paint spills and give you somewhere to rest your brush.
  • Need a quick wallpaper solvent? You can try vinegar! It is also useful for cleaning sponges, brushes and other paint tools. Avoid coloured vinegars, of course
  • When using gloss paint, cover your hands with Vaseline or oil. It’ll make cleaning a lot easier. Buttery spreads will also work.
  • If your gloss paint becomes too thick, add a squirt of washing up liquid to free things up.
  • Use wire wool instead of sandpaper on window frames to prevent scratching the glass.
  • Put a rubber band under the bristles of a paint brush to prevent the paint from sliding down.
  • Don’t throw away used turpentine – leave it in a tightly screwed jar and the paint will eventually sink to the bottom, making the liquid re-useable.
  • Adding vanilla essence or perfume to paint can take away the horrible smell.
  • House sponges can be used to paint walls with emulsion.
  • Tie rollers in an old plastic bag if they are going to be used the next day.
Home removals can already cost you a penny or two, so a little DIY for the next family is an extra nice touch which can go a long way. Have fun decorating!