What could possibly be more exciting for your children then for them to have their own loft playroom?

Every journey up the stairs to the loft conversion would be an adventure – their own private kingdom to play, create and have fun.

Safety is paramount of course and will be mostly addressed in your building regulations application but it goes without saying that the area at the top of the loft stairs is of primary concern.

The loft room itself can be anything your, and your child’s, imagination can come up with.

A central theme or colour scheme can be adapted and with loads of quality children’s furniture and accessories available the sky really is the limit.

Loft Playroom Vivid colours and bold design along with strong natural light through large loft windows will create an ideal environment for your child.

You will probably want to divide the loft playroom into zones so that one area is suitable for play with a desk for creative tasks (and later homework) in another.

Other ‘must have’ accessories for a loft playroom will probably include a Television and DVD player ( I know it was different when we were kids but your children won’t be impressed with, or amused by, a bag of marbles and a copy of Janet and Johns latest adventure).

For older children, i.e., teenagers, a chill-out room will be a huge hit. Painted in ‘cool’ colours a chill-out room with a desk and PC for Internet surfing and, grudgingly, homework together with TV, sound system and soft furnishings such as bean-bags will be somewhere your teenager loves to be.

Include a sofa bed for sleep-overs and you have a teenagers paradise. Design Ideas Loft Playroom

Tip – make sure you sound-proof the floor or buy a stereo system without a ‘mega-bass’ control. In fact, you would probably be better off doing both. Or buy a large stock of aspirin.

Be prepared to see very little of your child.

When we completed my daughters chill-out room the only time we ever saw her was immediately after school, meal-times and bed-time.

The rest of the time was spent in the chill-out room and even homework got done – sometimes.

Source: loft-conversion-uk.com