blue living roomBuying a television set used to be a relatively simple affair. These days however, there are hundreds to choose from, in a range of designs, types and with various different features, but there are still two basic considerations that influence your decision: your budget and your home.

Your budget

Prices can vary enormously, from less than £200 for basic models right into the thousands for top of the range 75” screens. You’ll know how much money you can afford to spend, but it is worth comparing what you get for what you spend, to ensure you’re not investing in a false economy? Brand makes may be a little dearer, but you might benefit from greater guarantees in the long-term. Some TV models may have a smaller screen size, but boast more features than sets of the same price, so you’ll need to prioritise which features you consider most important.

Your home

In many households, the TV is a main focal point in the room where we spend most of our leisure time. Ideally, it will be big enough for your viewing requirements but not so large that it dominates, or looks out of place. The ideal colour and style will also vary depending on the room, so you’ll need to think about this.