Constant current LED (light emitting diode) drivers are one option in running LED strips of light; the options depend on LED application as well as the actual structure too.

LEDs have been adopted within the commercial sign industry as well as within domestic and other business setting as a direct result of LED lights have longer life, boasting a smaller ‘carbon footprint’. Their consumptions of less energy also make them a firm favourite.
A higher current can be passed through an LED so that emits a brighter light but the only problem with this is that it tends to ‘over-drive’ the LED.

When an LED has too much current running through it, it produces too much heat; essentially, the life of the LED will be considerably shortened hence defeating the whole object of using LED lighting within the home (and other areas). So that this does not happen a constant current source if the preferred method to ‘drive’ one LED.

More than one LED light

Of course, in most applications light for signage etc. is not supplied by one single LED. A group of LEDs are usually connected together in serial or parallel arrangements creating the desired effects in terms of light intensity, the correct colour and ‘shape’.

Some LED strips come with an on-board, integral constant current regulator although some people add constant current LED drivers as a form of protection so that LEDs on the strip are less prone to voltage variations.

Before you select the right constant current LED drivers, you need to make sure you get the right effect from LED strip – how bright you want the sign, budget constraints as well as the environment it will be operating in. In terms of the environment, this looks at the temperature where the LED strips will be working (indoor or outdoor for example) and how the heat from the LEDs will be dissipated.

So, in your LED strip display the last question to be answered is which driver to use! Constant current LED drivers will avoid the maximum current specified for safe use being exceeded , hence making the LED strip reliable and a constant ‘brightness’ will also be maintained.

If you unsure about selecting the correct constant current LED drivers, then seek advice from a LED lighting specialist such as LED Power Lighting Supplies.