In the article, “Can I build a swimming pool in my house?” I covered many points to consider in installing a swimming pool in your home including how to get planning permission for a swimming pool, pool safety & inspiration.

The fitting of a swimming pool into a home is a the dream of many homeowners. In the US and other hotter continents a swimming pool in the garden is a common sight for middle classed homes in the suburbs. But what about the colder continents? Don’t they get the fruits of such luxury?

The main problems to be considered for a swimming pool inside your home are:

  • Humidity, the condensation of a pool inside your home will be vast. Without proper precaution and foresight in your pool planning you will find paint peeling and your windows blurred with condensation.
  • Damp throughout your floors with tiles popping up and water creeping towards your walls, causing expensive damage
  • With a pool in your home you are basically allotting for a good portion of your home room space to be taken up which can make the rest of the house feel small (even a 4-5 bed home)

Sterling Home Improvements, a building company in London worked out a great solution for the installation of inside swimming pools.

The House Extension / Pool Project:

What you are seeing here is a the construction of a new single story horseshoe shaped rear extension (approx 90m sq), creating two new bedrooms, new bathroom with sunken bath, dining area and large pool/spa room.

House Extension for Swimming Pool

House Extension for Swimming Pool

In the image below you will see the design provided by Sterling Home Improvements London.This is the finished render of the pool and home extension

Swimming Pool Cover Down

Swimming Pool Cover Down

Swimming Pool cover up

Swimming Pool cover up

The pool cover is mechanically operated and doubles as a floor when lowered, new wet sauna and central patio area with wet/dry tiled pond.

This patented design by Sterling Home Improvements has become the all new craze in London and other large cities in the UK. The pool cover, weighing almost a ton, has a laminate design by tile photography. The room tiles were photographed and this was then printed in high resolution on a non-slip laminate which is also soft under the feet, thus creating the apparency of a seamless floor.

Powered by custom-built German winch motors hidden in the ceiling – the operator has only to flick a switch and down come 4 magnetized hooks which connect themselves to the rings, secretly placed under 4 flaps in the cover.

The winch motor is weight sensitive and will not move even if there is 5 ounces of extra weight on the pool cover. Additionally, once the cover has reached the ceiling, it slots in to a illuminated area, creating a soft ambiance of light – perfect for a nice swim.

Fitting the swimming pool:

Here you can see the pool coming in. It required a 100 ft crane to lift it over the building, due to restricted access from the rear.

Once the pool went in, so did the remainder of the extension around it. heavy duty, automatic ventilation systems were fitted into the pool room which detect when the condensation in the room becomes too high for internal sustainability. This allows for a fresh, swimming area, without damage to the home.

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