Bathrooms are those warm and private rooms in your house where you can go to take a soothing shower or luxurious bubble bath and let go of all the day’s stresses. You spend more time in our bathroom then you even realize. It tends to be the first and last room you use at the start and end of each day and it’s the room most often seen and used by any visitors to your home.
Over time though your bathroom that once looked nice and fresh starts to look a bit run down and depressed right? When your bathroom makes you shudder it’s probably time for a whole new bathroom design to bring your tired old bathroom back to life. Don’t forget having a grubby bathroom can make or break a sale/rental on a home.

Bathrooms are no longer the small washroom squeezed into a back corner of the house on the cold side of the home, where you can pivot on one foot and reach everything!

The modern bathroom has evolved into a place of design serenity. A place to linger and enjoy the surroundings, a bathroom now accommodates our every need and pampers us with pulsating shower heads and jets,heated towel rails for snuggly warm, dry towels, under floor heating, demister mirrors and probably soon espresso machines! No really, but they are now a place of indulgence.
In today’s busy world we need to time to recharge and what better way to do this than soaking in a hot bubble bath, or having a steaming hot shower to clear your head.
Lets face it, there are a lot of do’s and dont’s in design your bathroom installation and it is important to get as much knowledge possible to design the most ergonomic and user friendly bathroom possible. We have a pedestal basin, and it is very high, my children can’t wash their hands in it and I either have to have a stool in front of it which is great for them, but a hazard for the taller of us! No stool equals mum lifting them to wash their hands……very tedious.

Know What You Need

When creating your bathroom floor plans you must consider what you and your household needs. Consider the daily habits and the people who will use it. After the needs are taken care of, you can concentrate on things, you will want like a Jacuzzi tub!

Consider the Size of the Room

Your bathroom size is going to come into play when you are trying to create a layout in your bathroom as well. Take the time to measure the length and the width of the room before you begin. Larger bathrooms are a bit easier but you will want to be sure they are balanced in appearance; small bathrooms need a careful hand to make use of the space well.


Your budget must come into play before you are too deep in designing a bathroom floor plan. This way you don’t go over the amount you have to spend. Having a firm figure in mind will guide you to get what you need at a price you can afford. No sense looking at that expensive garden tub if it is simply not in the budget.

Floor Plans with a Function

As you create your bathroom floor plans keep the overall function of the room at the forefront. The bathroom of course must function to be useful. Your bathroom can rival the Taj Mahal but if the function is not there what good is it?