Winter is the harshest of all climates as it can affect each and every part of the home. The dropping temperature, chilly breeze and thick layers of snow can bring about serious damages to the house. Here is a checklist of repair that needs to be undertaken once spring sets in.

  • Driveway: Due to continuous snowing and melting of ice, cracks are likely to form in the driveway which, when neglected, can cause serious damages. Hence once spring sets in, fill up all the cracks with a crack sealer.
  • Roof: Roofs are likely to crack due to heavy storm. Figure out the ones that are missing or broken and try to replace it. Carefully inspect areas of joint like roof to roof joint and roof to chimney joint and make sure that there is no hole in that area. A careful inspection can be done from the attic of the house.
  • Ceiling: If there is leakage on the roof, it is likely that stain might have appeared on the ceiling. First seal the stain with a stain sealer and once dry paint over it.
  • Basement: Check for any seal or crack on the basement and fix them up. Clean the vents and lubricate sump pumps.
  • Fence: Heavy storm and snowing can not only damage the roof but all exposed portion of the house especially fence. Fence can either loosen up or be blown away by storm. Repair the fence and replace the missing areas and provide a fresh coat of paint.
  • Unclog the gutter: The gutters around the house are likely to be clogged with dry leaves as a result of heavy storm. Snowing can even worsen the situation. Unclog all the gutters around the house so that water can flow freely. If the gutter is broken repair the same.
  • Frozen pipes: As the temperature dips, the water inside the pipe freezes and the pressure of frozen water might break the pipe. Fix all the broken and damaged pipes around the house.
  • Fixtures: Fixtures of the house like door, window etc is likely to bend as a result of heaving storm. Fix all these before the spring shower sets in

In addition to all the above steps, make sure that the house is inspected by an expert who will be able to figure out invisible damages caused by snowing.

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