When you are thinking to refurbish your home the first thing that you should think is what exactly you want to do, “which style or idea should I follow?”

The answer to this question is “go with what you like”, doesn’t matter how much is going to cost the refurbishment of your home, because at the end you are going to like it or not, off course if this is going to cost you more than what you paid your house, it’s not worth it, buy a new house.

There are certain steps that has to be done in order to achieve the result you want, these are the main ones:

- First thing find for yourself, the style or idea you want to follow in refurbishing your home, look to other houses photos and house magazines or on the internet to find a good idea.

- Then contact a company and ask them how much they will charge you for the job, what you want to know is, price per square meter, estimated time need to do the job and remember to ask them if they deliver the service in your area.

- Then you should do the same with other companies, pay attention also to how these companies they seem to care about you, this is important, unless you wanna end up with arguing about job and prices.


- Choose one of them, the one that have a balance between prices and “care”.

- Decide with them exactly what is going to be done.

- Keep in touch with the company, meanwhile the job is being done.

- Check that what is being done is actually what you want, before you end up with a refurbishment that is different then your idea, because is going to cost time and money, to both you and the company.

- Ensure with the company the they did all that was requested, and there is nothing you have to finish.

Enjoy your new home refurbishment.

So “how much exactly this is going to effect my wallet?”

Next thing to consider is the price. I advice to hire a good refurbish company, that as been proven to be professional, do not “try” somebody, only because he is “cheap”, you should not do that, unless the guy has a good reputation. But usually as a general rule you should use a company that is know to be professional, otherwise you will lose a lot of time in arguing about little details, this is not going to happen with somebody that knows completely how to do the job.

Here you can see a good chart of prices, that I found on the net: