Fearing the future? The Apocalypse of 2012? End of the World? Or maybe just down-right paranoid?

This “safe house” design by KWK Promes is a home for the anyone who wants ultimate security and perhaps needs to see someone to talk about their issues.

Regardless of the reason for the design, the fact that such a building exists is an architectural feat worth mentioning. It’s clean, modernistic and minimalistic exterior, flush with ample open space created by 70% of the the building having windows would be a beautiful country home for anyone who could afford it.

Below you will see, what appears to be protruding wall additions that are “just part of the home design. Instead, these are massive slabs of reinforced concrete mechanically attached to the walls for… wait for it…  lock down.

Massive steel shutters are used to cover the front entrance of the home.

A drawbridge? Now we have seen it all. If you don’t want your mother in-law coming in, this house is for you.

So, if it is the end of the world and all looks grim. Just set your GPS coordinates to this home and here you will find planet earth making its last stand against the heaviest of all enemy forces.

That being said, this structure is amazing.