Home improvement TV programmes give the viewer a feeling of empowerment and freedom. Most of these programmes offer advice and tips about how homeowners can carry out a lot of the refurbishing work; they encourage viewers to carry out the work themselves but where should you start?

You can transform your home with a little imagination

If you take a walk along any suburban road you’ll soon notice the number of skips that proliferate the area. In an uncertain economy many homeowners prefer to add value to their existing properties rather than exchange them for a new residence.

Just trawl the Internet or take a look at the style magazines and you’ll soon find some ideas that will suit your taste and your budget. Or, simply switch on the TV and watch Knowles, Beeny et al imparting their advice.

An article in the Daily Telegraph even suggests how you can turn an ugly house into a thing of beauty.

Keep within your budget

If you’ve bought a run down property in order to give it a new lease of life with your remodelling plans, you should always draw up a budget. DIY improvement costs can very quickly escalate if you’re not realistic about current prices and just start buying paint, wallpaper and other items on a whim.

House renovation can be an expensive process and unless you keep a check on your expenditure you’ll soon be out of pocket

Take advice

You can follow the advice of Kirstie Alsopp and try and pick up things for free but not everyone has the time or the energy to indulge in furniture restoration projects on top of your essential remodelling plans.

If you’re not sure whether your expertise is sufficient for major re-structuring, then don’t attempt it. You could end up having to spend a fortune on repairing any damage. It’s best to set yourself a timetable for your plans but it’s also important to ensure that you have your home insurance in place.

If you’re looking for value for money, then cheap home insurance from More Than might be a good place to start. With the money that you’ve saved on your insurance, you’ll find that you have a larger budget to invest in creating your ideal home.