Rules of getting romantic… decorating-wise

The important rule in decorating for a holiday or special occasion is to avoid any permanent changes. Instead, accessorize for Valentine’s Day with items you can enjoy now (flowers and candles), give as a gift (jars of extra candy) or put away to use again next year (heart-shaped floor mats or pink dish towels). Another rule to remember is if you’re worried about walking the fine line between festive and cheesy, think less is more, as sometimes a few lovely touches are all you need. Here are some ideas for easy and tasteful Valentine’s Day decorating.

Charming your guests

Welcome your guests with flowers in the entryway:

Color for guests


Valentine's Day Roses

candy flower

After a few days, collect any fallen flower petals to scatter about your entertaining areas or around a couple bottles of red wine to make a quick table centerpiece. Other ways to give your dining table some Valentine’s Day color are with a red table runner and place mats…

Red Table Runner

Valentine's Day runner

…or bouquets of red and pink flowers, candy and candles:

red accents

valentine's day table

Image credit to Between Naps on the Porch

center love

Valentine's Day Dinner Decor

Valentines Day Centerpiece

romantic table

fun Valentine's Day centerpiece

Dishin’ up the love

Valentine’s Day is all about sweets for your sweetie. Use festive dish ware as decor or for serving goodies. To avoid overspending on heart plates that you may not use for another 364 days, check out your local thrift shop for bargains in the off-season, or if you are scrounging last minute, pick up some inexpensive pink and red dishes.  Who cares if they are mismatched… no one said love was perfect!

love cup

pink plates

Pink Bowl

Hearts Plate

Tea time with a twist of cocoa

If you really don’t want to collect more dishware, another option are the floral tea cups you may already have in your pantry. Put out a tray with your tea set for some added pink and red on the table, and then surprise everyone by pouring a cup of rich, hot cocoa.

floral red cups

floral tea cup

How do I love thee? With candy, of course!

Glass bowls and jars filled with red and pink candy are perfect Valentine’s-Day-decorations-turned-gifts:

Candy centerpieces

Valentines Centerpiece

Candy Jar

candy jars

Getting cozy

Adding throws or pillows in red or pink give any room a cozier Valentine’s Day ambiance (and some flower petals don’t hurt, either):

romantic bedroom

red throw

Valentine's bedroom

A final touch

There are so many easy ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day, even if it just means lighting a few votive candles, arranging a bouquet of flowers and putting out a dish of chocolates. Just as with any holiday, the most important rule is to have fun with it. So pour yourself a glass of champagne and spread the love around your home with some Valentine’s Day decor!

candle light