Front door ChristmasAs we move from room to room or building to building, we often take the doors that guard the entranceways for granted, passing through them without a second thought. However, if you stop and look closely, you’ll see that many of these doors are solidly built, well designed and truly beautiful.

To help you appreciate your next entrance or exit, let’s take a look at five of the best classic door designs of all time.

1. The Victorian

Number one on any list of classic door designs, in Britain anyway, has to be the Victorian timber door. Solid, welcoming and stylish, Victorian doors can make any house look effortlessly elegant.

2. The stable door

Evolving from a combination of barn conversions, classic farmhouse design and contemporary living, stable doors have grown enormously in popularity in recent years. Apart from simply looking great, stable doors offer flexibility and practicality, allowing air to circulate whilst ensuring that no children or animals escape.

3. The medieval manor look

A favourite of both mock Tudor and original period properties, these heavy wooden doors look solid enough to keep out even the most determine guest. Ideally your medieval manor door should show a few signs of its age, adding character to your home, so if you’ve got a replica door then add some period touches with an old-fashioned knocker or antique light fixtures.

4. The French door

Providing a handy gateway to the garden and allowing a huge amount of natural light to enter your home, the French door has been the ‘go to’ design for patio doors for decades. Much of the design’s success rests on the fact that a pair of French doors generally doesn’t have a central mullion, allowing them to be opened wide and therefore letting more light in.

5. The elaborate orient

Though this covers an extremely wide range of doors designs, the main features of decoration and style always remain the same. These doors are generally more organic in their design with curved edges and ornate detailing covering much of the surface. Perfect for grand entranceways and cosy boudoirs, these doors bring a flavour of the orient right into your home.

From classic to modern, innovative to traditional; door design has been a crucial aspect of architectural development. Check out for more ideas of how you can have a design classic of your very own in your home.