When you look around your home, does it feel fresh and new or tired and uninspiring? It doesn’t take long for the sheen of a new lick of paint to wear off, leaving you with the same restless feeling of wanting a change or a new project to tackle. You don’t have to move to get that new house feeling, however. With some carefully planned refurbishment and some skilful decorating, you can make your house feel box fresh again.

New home feeling

When you move into a new home, there is that feeling that everything is new and exciting. You can’t wait to put your individual stamp on it and turn it from just a house, into your home. Unfortunately, the feeling doesn’t last long and after a couple of years, you’re bored and left feeling uninspired. You start browsing property websites, getting house envy looking at all the lovely properties for sale. This is perhaps not the right time to be dabbling in the market, however, and you are better advised to work with what you’ve already got.

With a spot of on-trend decorating, an extension or even a loft conversion, you can turn your tired old house into the home of your dreams. A new extension could give you the space you’ve been looking for, or that extra room for entertaining the house has been lacking all these years. It could even be a new space for the kids to play, so that you can finally move out the toys and claim the living room back for the grownups.

Fitted bedrooms

Designer fitted bedrooms are another way you can add a bit of much needed sparkle and pizzazz to the house. Bespoke services allow you to design the room around your needs and lifestyle. Specially tailored solutions both look great and allow you to get all your belongings tidied away, making your bedroom seem bigger and feel more comfortable.

Loft conversions

If you’re currently struggling for space upstairs, then why not think about a loft conversion? So many of our homes have got under-utilised space in the loft or attic that is just crying out for renovation. Loft conversion specialists are able to transform most roof cavities into sumptuous and spacious new living space. When the project is completed, it will feel like you have moved into a completely new home.

It makes sense in so many ways. Firstly, you don’t have the hassle and upheaval of finding a new home and moving. Secondly, not only do you save money by not moving house (always costly) but you can actually make a profit by adding value to the house. A well-designed refurbishment, extension or renovation could potentially add thousands to the house in the long term. It really is a win-win situation. So don’t move, improve.