Why not make your laundry room into an amazing statement of your fashion sense? If you spend as much time as I do in the laundry room, it might as well please all your senses. Even if you have a tiny space, or just a stacked washer & dryer closet, you still can make the “laundry staging area” a fun place to be, and not just a place to mindlessly sort and fold your clean items, or prepare your dirties for wash. And if you do have a laundry room, why not make it both functional and beautiful? Below are a few great ideas on how to put some pizzaz in your wash day blues. I’m sure after seeing these beautifully designed rooms and stylish washing machines, you will have some of your own – share them!

Designers Guild Machines

Designer Washing Machine

There are some amazingly modern and stylish washing machines available today, and some are priced very economically. This one is by the Designers Guild and is part of a limited series. You can even get hot and fun decals for your walls to make the space more interesting.

Framed Space

Upgrade a room quickly and easily with a colourful tiled backsplash! And add some extra storage with easily installed mounted shelves. Move upmarket with framed prints and art, and even wall sconces – a mini-gallery in your laundry space!

Soft Pink Utility Room

If you are tight for space, and even have only a large sink, you can incorporate storage around the area in a clever way for a great utility zone. A few high shelves and a wall-mounted cabinet can shift laundry powders and other chemicals away from your work surfaces, and a free-standing unit can help as well.

Red Shelves

Keep organised with a great bookcase or shelving unit for cleaning supplies, sheets and towels.

Blue Launderette

Mini-appliances can also help if you are extremely limited for space, such as the ones shown here which tuck away in a corner.

Green Utility Room

You can transform a space such as this 6 ft x 10 ft one into a craft room which doubles for laundry. Built-in cabinets, fold-away hidden ironing board, stacked washer-dryer combo unit, and a drop down drying rack complete this economical and space-saving laundry area.  A lacy adhesive appliqué can make glass doors more classy and more private. Wall paper on the ceiling offers an endless variation of interesting spaces.

Pink Curtains

Wallpaper with a pink damask design transforms this old laundry room into a whole new experience.

Washing Machines near Stairs

The use of shiny metal and/or glass, such as crystal knobs, a chandelier and great wallpaper make a mere laundry room into a palace!