Having a small bathroom can be extremely frustrating and leave you feeling like you’re tripping over everything. Here are some tips to help you make the most of the space you have.

Lighting is key

The right lighting can be crucial in creating the feeling of space or a relaxing atmosphere. Dimmer lights are therefore an excellent choice, as you can alter the lighting depending on what you are doing or the mood you want to create. You are able to turn the lights up when doing your make-up and dim them when you want to take a relaxing bath. You may also find positioning bright wall lights next to the mirror to be particularly useful. Try to make the most of any daylight available. A plain white blind will allow plenty of light through, or if your bathroom is in the loft, go for a large skylight. Natural light is fantastic for creating a spacious feel.


Mirrors can make such a dramatic difference to the feel of a room. With such a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles to choose from, many find it difficult to find the right one for their bathroom. With small bathrooms, mirrors become particularly important as they reflect light and brighten the room, making it appear larger. When choosing a mirror the suggested guidelines are that the mirror should not be wider that the piece of furniture it is above. However, it should be no less than two thirds of the width. These proportions should give you the best ratio for creating a spacious look.

Bath or shower

Due to space restrictions you may not be able to have a bath and a shower, but if you are able to have both it is a great investment make. When it comes to selling your house it will be much more attractive to potential buyers. A good compromise is to get a shower bath, which gives you the best of both worlds. Shower baths are well designed, giving maximal space for showering, but also offering the option of a bath, which is crucial for families with younger children.

Storage solutions

There is nothing worse than clutter to make a bathroom feel small and crowded. Thankfully there are some excellent storage solutions to help those with smaller bathrooms to stay tidy and organised. Think about wasted space and how you can use it, whether it’s fitting a cupboard under the sink or adding shelving above the toilet. With a built in bath there is plenty of space hidden behind the panel, which is perfect for storing bulky toilet rolls. Add hooks on the back of the door to enable extra space for hanging items. An effective, but expensive way of creating more space is underfloor heating, allowing you to get rid of your wall-mounted radiators.

Colour schemes

Light, neutral or pastel colours will create the feeling of airiness and space, whereas harsher dark colours can be overpowering and make a room feel much smaller than it actually is. To subtly incorporate some colour you can add bright accessories, such as candles or towels.

Whatever the shape or size of your bathroom, there is plenty that can be done to make it feel like a relaxing place to unwind.