In modern home design, whether a bedroom, office or living room you can put a touch of class with some amazing abstract paintings. Abstract art in home design is primarily for modern and contemporary homes and should be well thought through and planned before purchase. Abstract art painting in a modern home can make a bland interior completely change face. We have collected a series of home designs with abstract paintings images for inspiration and colour coordination. The main reasons why abstract art has an enduring appeal are that they tend to be simple, clean, and very modern looking.

Big Abstract Painting on high ceiling wall

Big abstract paint in a loft

In this apartment a lot of effort was made to create a modern appearance with a big abstract paint on the wall.

Abstract Painting used against stone

Abstract paint in a classic loft

An abstract paint was put in this room to create some modern looking to a classic loft.

Abstract Paintings matching furniture and decor

Modern Loft Abstract Paint

Here you can see a collection of abstract paintings that fits with the red furniture of the house.

Abstract Painting with matching sofa and pillows

Loft Living Room

This room follows an exact colour pattern, pillows, carpet, sofa and of course a beautiful abstract painting.

Abstract Paint in a Loft Bedroom

Loft Bedroom Abstract Paint

This bedroom’s abstract painting pulls from the colour family of the entire room.

More photos

Abstract paintings in a bedroom

Bedroom on the sea with abstract paintings

Abstract paint in a bedroom

Modern bedroom abstract paintings