Adding color to  your living room is a bit like entering a new relationship. You can test out the initial chemistry (with a brightly colored lamp, let’s say) without the intensity of committing to something long-term right away (like painting all the walls florescent green). After you have spent a little time with your new color,  you may soon find that the chemistry has blossomed, and you want it around permanently.

Below are some web images of colorful and creative living rooms, where the designers have fallen in love with a color and are celebrating it!

The red walls and furniture give the above living room a bold, rich feel. The painted floral wall design below are a creative way to add whimsy to an otherwise modern interior.

Orange is a color that tends to “pop” in a big way.  Just one large orange piece of furniture, like the over-sized couch or painted orange wall, is enough to animate the interior space with color.

The above living room is very modern and a vibrant florescent yellow wall fits in perfectly with the chic interior design.

The above florescent green flows from the walls to the couch to the retro patterned swirl rug. Although wild retro design sometimes make a living room feel garish, in this case, the bright green combines with high ceilings, white columns and molding, and bookshelves to create a more elegant and stylish appeal.

On the other end of the spectrum are these rooms where the color, although prominent on the walls and furniture, actually softens the room.

In both of these living rooms, the violet and magenta hues are offset with very modern and simplistic black and white furniture. The color is able to stand out aesthetically as the focal color without competing visually with other colors and designs.

Randomly mixing several bright colors into the walls, furniture and decor is a bold move. Creativity can give way to chaotic or kitschy, and therefore make your living space uncomfortable for those who enter. However, when the multi-color schemes are chosen purposefully, as in the below examples, then the space is original and inviting.

Bottom line is there is nothing wrong with celebrating your love for color and living brightly!