A boiler is a closed cylindrical container in which water is heated. The heated  fluid exits the boiler for use in heating applications.

There are 3 general types of boilers

Regular boiler

Regular Boiler

Regular boilers heat your central heating system directly and produce heated water for your cylinder.

An usual regular boiler system incorporates a boiler, extended controls, a hot water cylinder which is often fed by a cold water storage tank located in the loft and a feed and expansion tank – also located in the loft.

Combi boiler

Combi Boiler

A combi boiler provides heating and hot water directly from the boiler.

A combi (or combination) boiler is a smart space-saving idea, and a popular choice in UK homes.

A combi boiler is a high-efficiency water heater and even a central heating boiler, combined within one compact unit. So, no separate hot water cylinder is needed, offering space saving within the property.

System boiler

System Boiler System Boiler

A system boiler heats your central heating system directly and produces heated water for your cylinder.

A system boiler, just like a regular boiler works on the principle of stored heated water. However, a system boiler is different from a regular boiler in some important respects.

Firs of all, many of the major individual components of the heating and hot water system are built into a system boiler, which means that installation is quicker, easier and more efficient.

In second place, the hot water is pumped from the system boiler through the heating system to the radiators and hot water cylinder, resulting in a fast response and more economical running costs. The system boiler removes the need for a feed and expansion cistern.

Different energies

Gas Pipes

Every boiler need an energy supply to work, there are a lot of different energies you can choose from:


A heating system that uses a gas condensing technology that provides a good energy utilisation and the lowest emission levels thanks to a good combustion control. When gas burns it produces very few residue, which means that doesn’t need a lot of cleaning and maintenance.


Use oil for your heating system is an efficient solution for your new building project or for the modernisation of your existing system.


LPG stand for Liquefied petroleum gas and is a low-carbon alternative to traditional heating fuels. LPG is an ideal power source for a rural population, either as a primary source or, increasingly, in combination with renewable fuels. More recently LPG is being used with combined heat and power technologies


If you have a distant tap connection, like a guest bathroom, and you need a water heating system without the problem created by a long piping system an electronically-controlled tank heating units guarantee cheap heating in the house, apartment or single rooms. Electricity is not good for the house boiler.

Solar energy

Introducing the correct solar energy system in your heating system can save you up to 35 percent of your entire heating costs, and up to 50 percent of your water heating costs. This in addition to gas or oil.


If you are looking for a “green” alternative to oil and gas for your home a wood pellet boiler could be good for you. Wood residues, the raw material for pellets, are available in virtually unlimited amounts and are cheap. Wood can be an interesting alternative to the ever-increasing cost of fossil fuels.

Boiler supplier

There are 3 main suppliers in UK for boilers. Let’s take look at them:

VIESSMANN – www.viessmann.com


The Viessmann Group of Companies is one of the leading international manufacturers of heating systems. Founded in 1917, the family company is run by a Managing Board under the chairmanship of Managing Partner Dr. Martin Viessmann.

Viessmann products:

Gas fired boilers Viessmann

Gas fired boilers

Oil fired boilers Viessmann

Oil fired boilers

Solid fuel-fired boilers Viessmann

Solid fuel-fired boilers

Gas fired condensing boilers Viessmann

Gas fired condensing boilers

Oil fired condensing boilers Viessmann

Oil fired condensing boilers

Wood combustion boiler Viessmann

Wood combustion boiler

WORCESTER, BOSCH GROUP – www.worcester-bosch.co.uk


Since 1962, when Worcester pioneered domestic oil-fired boilers, the company’s commitment to excellence hasn’t changed. That commitment has only strengthened since Worcester became part of the Bosch Group – one of the world’s leading names in high-end technology. Today, many years and thousands of boilers later, Worcester is the market leader in domestic heating and hot water systems. It’s a name that stands for reliability, quality, efficiency and value for money.

Worcester products:

Gas fired boilers Worcester

Gas fired boilers

Gas fired condensing boilers Worcester

Gas fired condensing boilers

Oil fired boilers Worcester

Oil fired condensing boilers

Oil fired condensing boilers Worcester

Oil fired condensing boilers

LPG Boilers Worcester

LPG Boilers

VAILLANT – www.vaillant.com


The Vaillant Group is an international family-owned company with a tradition of more than 135 years. In its core business of heating technology the company is the second-largest European manufacturer in this branch. In addition, the Vaillant Group is active in the branches of ventilation and air-conditioning technology.

Vaillant products:

gas fired boilers Vaillant

Gas fired boilers

Gas fired condensing boilers Vaillant

Gas fired condensing boilers

Oil fired boiler

Oil fired boiler

Wood pellet boiler Vaillant

Wood pellet boiler