Whether you’ve just purchased a new home, or are simply looking to spruce up the atmosphere of a home you’ve already got, a fresh coat of paint can completely change the look and feel of every room in your house. It can also somewhat backfire and leave you with less than desirable results compared to what you were hoping the outcome would look like. To avoid wasting any time when you decide to change the color scheme follow these important tips and you’ll end up with a more than satisfactory look to your house.

Start with the Biggest Room

Living Room Green

The biggest rooms and largest painting jobs should always be the rooms that you begin with when it’s time to pick a color scheme for your house. Pick your colors using the rooms such as the dining room and living room that are used most by you and your guests.

Follow the Furniture

Bedroom Furniture

There’s no point in buying all new furniture just yet, so choose a color scheme that’s going to go with your current furniture. Look for the largest items such as area rugs and couches, where the patterns stick out more to the human eye rather than smaller furnishings like coffee tables and chairs. Work off what the room already offers, rather than completely adjusting everything to the color that you want to paint a room. This will offset a substantial amount of work that you’d otherwise be getting yourself into.

Follow Your Fashion

Follow your fashion

If you’re starting with a fresh room with no furniture, look toward the color of your wardrobe for ideas. While you may be completely clueless as to how to choose the color scheme of your house, you’ve already got a hint by the clothing you wear. Look for colors that you buy the most, and head to a color wheel from there. It won’t be the final answer that you’ll come up with, but it will point you in the right direction of what pleases your own eyes, rather than exploring potentially millions of colors.

Use a Color Scheme Designer

While you may have a single color picked out, you’re going to need two other colors. Your paint job should always consist of around 60 percent of a main color, 30 percent of a second color, and 10 percent of an accent or trim. Once you’ve got your main color picked, 60 percent of the work is done. Look online for scheme designers and color tablets that will give you insight into how well colors look against each other, rather than just picking three different colors and hoping they match.

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