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There have been some iconic sofa designs over the years. Salvador Dali’s 1937 work of art, the Mae Wes Lips sofa, is perhaps one of the most famous pieces of furniture ever made. It’s a stunning statement based on his fascination with West and much copied the world over.

However, there is one sofa design that tops even Dali’s as perhaps the most coveted and revered of all time. That’s right, it’s the chesterfield. Originally created in the UK, the chesterfield is identified by its deep-buttoned upholstery and arms and back of equal height. They are usually made from leather, of many different colours, although primarily they are browns, reds and greens.

The term was first used to describe this kind of sofa as far back as the 1900s although the first of its kind was commissioned by Phillip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Stanhope, as far back as the 18th century. The term is commonly used to describe many different sizes and styles with a buttoned design but it is the classic chesterfield that really owns the name.

The chesterfield sofa has a particular place in our collective imagination. Just thinking about it makes you think of sophisticated drawing rooms, country estates and smoky jazz clubs. It has an air of chic about it that other sofa designs just can’t quite match. The chesterfield also comes with chairs of the same design and matching leather to form the perfect living room suite. With one of these, a deep mahogany dinner table and elegant china dining sets, you can create your very own luxurious living area at home – summoning the feel of classic British interior design.

Chesterfields don’t just look good, however, they are also great to sit in. The deep tub design and shallow arms and back make it great for slinking back and relaxing. The soft leather upholstery warms up and retains heat in the winter but stays cool in the summer when things can get sticky and cloying.

In short, it is the perfect piece of furniture design, which perhaps explains why they are still as popular today as they were a hundred or so years ago. They will almost certainly be still being manufactured a hundred years from now, too. That’s the thing about brilliant design; it is completely and utterly timeless – just like leather sofas and leather armchairs. As long as we need to sit down in comfort, there will be chesterfields.

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