Here are some of the prices we have collected on building costs here in the UK.

The prices are based upon user input and personal experience and are guides to the rough pricing rather than exact figures that you will pay.

If you have any of your own data to feedback to us then please do so below.

How much is my house extension, home renovation going to cost me?

This is the question most frequently asked by people looking at getting a house extension. To be honest at the start of a project it is impossible to quote building costs without working drawings and a list of materials, fittings and fixtures.

Building costs for house extensions or home renovations can vary considerably depending on a number of criteria:

  • Choice of building materials, fittings and fixtures – bathroom and kitchen tap fittings, tiles, window frames, heating & cooling, lighting
  • The extent of client involvement – does the client choose to perform any of the building works such as painting
  • Commencement and duration of the building works – does the project extend over the Christmas holiday break or during seasonal busy periods – this will add to any interest cost and/or rental costs if you need to move out
  • Seasonal building market conditions – the number of rain affected days – this will add to any interest cost and/or rental costs if you need to move out
  • Town planning delays – this can result in additional costs and potentially add months to your building project
  • Size and competence of the selected building firm or builder – the bigger the business the more overheads and, by necessity, will pass this cost on to you
  • Each builder will factor in a different profit margin
  • Soft landscaping
  • Varying professional fees – architect, draftsperson, town planner, structural engineer, soil report, building surveyor, etc
  • Abnormal ground conditions requiring additional site costs – a sloping block and/or the need to dig deeper to reach solid ground and so concrete pours will vary
  • And finally, there is the point of location, location, location. For example, a House Extension in London may cost more than a House Extension in Manchester, only because the cost of building is greater in London than in the North West.

However, considering that planning permission and drawings from start to finish wil usually wind up at about £1,500 give or take some, the prices below will give you the averag costs for a house extension. The rest is up to you and your preferences in the refurbishment of the interior.

Loft Conversion Prices

As mentioned above, the bottom line when planning any building project is ‘How much will it cost’. Loft conversion prices vary from region to region within the UK and, of course, no two conversions are likely to be the same.

But, we can use some ballpark figures and rule-of-thumb.

The first, and arguably the most important, is that by building a loft conversion you should immediately add at least the amount you spend onto the value of your house.

And it just keeps on getting better.

Figures released in July 2006 show that a loft conversion which incorporates a bedroom and en-suite bathroom can add up to 20% to the value of your home. These figures show true to date. Click here for more information on raising property value of your home.

In London loft conversion prices usually cost up to £50,000 though throughout the UK the average seems to be around the £20,000 – £35,000 mark.
These costs are when employing a specialist loft conversion company and they can be drastically reduced by doing some of the work yourself. Much of course depends on the type of conversion. For example, a basic storage solution can often be done in just a day or two and there are some specialist loft conversion companies who will, for around £1000-2000, install joists, a new hatch, lighting and a loft ladder in just 24 hours.

But, for a full scale, and well built loft conversion, loft conversion prices are usually somewhere between £19-£50,000.

General description Specific description Average Price Units Last Updated
Bricklaying Wall £2208 per item/job 2010-03-08
Builder Labour £7563 per item/job 2010-03-26
Damp proofing £1371 per item/job 2010-03-13
Damp proofing £72 per m2 2007-02-21
Door £216 per item/job 2010-03-21
Door Labour £77 per item/job 2010-02-23
Driveway £2979 per item/job 2009-07-28
Driveway £53 per m2 2009-06-27
Driveway DIY Repair £85 per item/job 2008-07-25
Extension £25000 per item/job 2010-03-04
Extension Double storey £44188 per item/job 2010-03-02
Extension Double storey £1155 per m2 2010-02-26
Extension Planning Costs £1856 per item/job 2008-08-14
Extension Single storey £20447 per item/job 2010-03-25
Extension Single storey £979 per m2 2009-12-27
External render Pebble Dash £2271 per house 2010-01-11
Fireplace £1005 per item/job 2009-07-24
Fireplace £15 per m2 2006-12-17
Fireplace Labour only £80 per item/job 2008-08-08
Floor Tiling £150 per item/job 2009-02-07
Flooring Wood £4208 per item/job 2009-03-27
Flooring Wood £70 per m2 2006-03-05
Garage £14000 per item/job 2008-01-20
Garage £448 per m2 2007-01-12
Garage Brick £6225 per item/job 2008-11-24
Garage Brick £464 per m2 2008-12-07
Garage Brick £2200 per Other 2009-12-02
Garage Electric Gates £450 per item/job 2008-06-17
Garage Labour £1500 per item/job 2009-05-17
Garage Wood £4950 per item/job 2008-07-28
Garage Wood £114 per m2 2007-07-15
Garage conversion £8791 per item/job 2010-03-10
Garage conversion DIY £4500 per item/job 2010-02-26
Glazier £1079 per job 2009-12-17
Glazier Labour £59 per hour 2010-02-18
Glazier Minimum charge £97 per job 2010-02-27
Home network £1682 per job 2009-10-17
House building All materials £76402 per house 2008-12-16
House building Fees/Hire £1799 per house 2005-02-21
House building Labour £2847 per house 2009-03-09
House building Total Cost of project £79003 per house 2009-10-08
House building Total Cost of project £115000 per item/job 2009-08-09
House building Total Cost of project £895 per m2 2007-10-19
House building Total Fees/hiring costs £17540 per house 2005-02-11
House building Total Labour £48915 per house 2007-10-19
House renovating Whole Project £20328 per house 2010-03-13
Joiner £1182 per item/job 2010-01-09
Joiner £180 per job 2009-08-12
Joiner Call out fee £28 per item/job 2006-03-11
Joiner Door £138 per item/job 2010-03-09
Joiner Door £1449 per job 2010-03-02
Joiner fireside shelving unit £1000 per item/job 2006-04-25
Joiner Kitchen £2206 per item/job 2009-05-26
Joiner Labour £22 per hour 2009-05-03
Joiner Minimum charge £35 per item/job 2006-03-11
Joiner Minimum charge £35 per job 2005-03-10
Joiner Roof £1400 per item/job 2007-12-27
Joiner Staircase £534 per item/job 2008-09-20
Loft conversion Plans £1250 per item/job 2007-11-13
Loft conversion Self-build £14000 per item/job 2010-02-26
Loft conversion Self-build £307 per m2 2007-10-01
Loft conversion Staircase £2545 per item/job 2010-03-20
Loft conversion Whole Project £20319 per item/job 2010-03-09
Loft conversion Whole Project £605 per m2 2007-11-10
Loft conversion Windows £8887 per item/job 2009-05-05
Patio Laid £2650 per item/job 2010-01-28
Patio Laid £67 per m2 2010-02-11
Planning permission Extension £661 per item/job 2009-07-07
Planning permission Garage £167 per item/job 2006-12-17
Plastering £590 per item/job 2010-03-25
Plastering £245 per room 2010-01-07
Plastering Ceiling Drylined + Skimmed £434 per item/job 2010-03-15
Plastering Ceiling Drylined + Skimmed £17 per m2 2009-09-11
Plastering Ceiling Skimmed £355 per item/job 2010-03-15
Plastering Ceiling Skimmed £127 per m2 2010-02-23
Plastering Complex £3642 per house 2010-03-15
Plastering Complex £643 per item/job 2010-02-25
Plastering Complex £7000 per per house 2009-01-14
Plastering Labour £291 per hour 2010-02-02
Plastering Room Skimmed £385 per room 2010-03-22
Plastering Venetian Polished £2400 per item/job 2008-09-09
Plastering Wall Drylined £500 per item/job 2007-11-17
Plastering Wall Drylined £12 per m2 2007-11-09
Plastering Wall Drylined + Skimmed £769 per item/job 2010-01-16
Plastering Wall Drylined + Skimmed £141 per m2 2009-08-21
Plastering Wall Skimmed £536 per item/job 2010-03-15
Plastering Wall Skimmed £125 per m2 2010-03-13
Plastering Wall Wet Rendered £1530 per item/job 2010-03-25
Plastering Wall Wet Rendered £20 per m2 2010-03-20
Repointing £2983 per item/job 2010-03-01
Repointing £268 per m 2010-02-18
Repointing £40 per m2 2010-01-28
Roof £1175 per 1 2009-11-04
Roof £340 per item/job 2010-02-14
Roof £1730 per job 2009-09-16
Roof £35 per m 2010-01-18
Roof DIY Repair £474 per item/job 2010-03-04
Roof Fascia boards £800 per item/job 2007-11-14
Roof Fascia boards £40 per m 2008-06-02
Roof Guttering £663 per item/job 2010-01-09
Roof Guttering £42 per m 2010-03-15
Roof Install £3932 per item/job 2010-02-22
Roof Install £111 per m2 2009-06-25
Roof Labour £17 per hour 2005-03-16
Roof Labour £1253 per item/job 2009-02-18
Roof Minimum charge £49 per job 2009-01-17
Roof Repair £1568 per 1 2010-01-18
Roof Repair £1070 per item/job 2010-03-22
Roof Repair £390 per job 2010-02-25
Roof Repair £44 per m2 2010-03-05
Swimming pool Whole Project £22000 per item/job 2008-05-18
Tiling £20 per m2 2010-02-25
Tiling Floor £789 per item/job 2010-03-11
Tiling Floor £133 per m2 2010-02-08
Tiling Wall £570 per item/job 2010-02-24
Tiling Wall £85 per m2 2009-12-12
Tiling Wall + Floor £791 per item/job 2010-03-09
Tool hire £80 per 1 week 2010-03-03
Tool hire Angle Grinder £26 per 1 week 2007-01-15
Tool hire Carpet Cleaner £96 per 1 week 2008-03-20
Tool hire Concrete Mixer £27 per 1 week 2007-01-15
Tool hire Concrete Mixer £18 per Weekend 2007-01-15
Tool hire Demolition £72 per 1 week 2007-01-15
Tool hire Masonry Cutters £46 per 1 week 2008-10-16
Tool hire Power Tools £30 per 1 week 2007-01-15
Tool hire Scaffolding £30 per m2 2010-03-03
Tool hire Vibrating Poker £77 per 1 week 2007-01-15
Tool hire Woodwork £29 per 1 week 2007-01-15
Windows Install £2887 per item/job 2010-02-16
Windows Install £387 per window 2005-01-03
Windows Repair £584 per item/job 2010-03-26

If you have any questions regarding your building or refurbishment project feel free to leave it in the comment section below.