Working with the elements

You can add all sorts of interesting aspects to the designing, building, refurbishing and decorating aspects of your home by bringing outdoor elements inside your home.

Window Light

Consider an empty room with a window. One approach is to fill it with some functional furniture, decorate the window with curtains and add some decor with a coordinated color scheme. Good. Now consider what this same room would be like if the window, or the element of light, became the focus. The following images from the web illustrate how featuring windows can change your home.

Other ways to work with the elements

While changing how light is featured makes the foremost difference in a home, there are other ways to incorporate outdoor elements into your interior decor.


Plant stand side table

Use a plant stand with an outdoorsy, rustic touch as a side table for your coffee and book.

Or as a stand for a collection of magazines. Plant stands are relatively inexpensive and can be re-purposed for many uses indoors.

Tree branch stand for jewelry and other hanging items

Paint a small tree branch, plant it in an indoor pot filled with a bed of rocks or pebbles, and use it as a jewelry stand or a place to hang keys in the entryway.

Tree branches on your walls

Water Elements


The sound of water is known for its soothing effects. Adding a fountain is a simple way to incorporate the element of water into your interior, and they are available in all sizes to fit any room.

Just remember, you can always find a way to celebrate the aesthetic aspects of the outdoors by incorporating into your home- whether with light, plants and flowers, water or a combination of them all!