Blue-tiful Designs and Decorations

The color blue is noted for its calming, peaceful effect (imagine a blue sky) and is a wonderful interior color choice for many different rooms in your home. As en entirely blue room can have a gloomy effect, depending on the space, sometimes all you need is a blue wall or sofa to create the desired effect. Use the following images of blue interiors compiled from the web for your design and decoration inspiration.

Blue Kitchens

Blue kitchen

Neopolitan Blue Kitchen

Light Blue Kitchen

blue and white walled kitchen

kitchen with some blue

blue kitchen

blue decor kitchen

kitchen with blue cupboards

light blue kitchen

blue and white kitchen

kitchen with turquoise cupboards

blue kitchen

Blue Bedrooms

blue wallpaper bedroom

classy blue bedroom

blue bed

blue bedroom

blue bedroom

light blue striped wall in the bedroom

touch of blue in the bedroom

blue nursery

girls bedroom

blue bedroom

blue teenager loft space

Blue Living Rooms

blue living room

blue living room

blue-ish living room

blue living room

blue living room

blue living room

blue living room

blue room

Blue Bathrooms

navy blue bathroom

Blue-ish Bathroom

blue bath

blue bathroom

blue bathroom blue pattern border bathroom

blue and white bathroom

Blue bathroom

More Blue Decor Ideas

blue pillow

blue and green lamp

blue sofa and doors

blue decor pillow

blue living space

blue wall

Blue wall

blue wall