A conservatory is one of the more significant investments that a homeowner can make and comes with quite a few considerations and even a bit of paperwork in the form of planning permission. It is only natural to consider what the benefits are before you commit to the spend. Here we will go through the main benefits of adding a conservatory to your home.

1.) Adds to the property value

Make no mistake, a conservatory is a highly desirable feature of any home and this will be reflected in the asking price, especially if you have a south facing garden. Like loft conversions, conservatories are larger projects that potential buyers would rather skip, preferring to pay more for a house that already has one rather than undertaking the project themselves. Of course, the value your conservatory adds to your home will largely depend on the type of conservatory you choose (as no one is going to be impressed with a small brick room with no light), however a spend within the region of £20,000 will easily gain more than that in the level of value a well thought out conservatory can add to your home.

2.) Adds more space

A conservatory is an extra room in the house, but the added space does not have to end there. Adding a conservatory adds many options for you: allowing you to extend your kitchen or living room into the conservatory area or even redistribute all of your other rooms. You can swap smaller spaces for large open ones thanks to your conservatory. Having too much space is never as great a problem as having too little, and a conservatory is one way that you can add extra space to your home, in an aesthetically pleasing way.

3.) Light

A conservatory is more often than not a place of the home which can benefit from a great deal of natural light. Natural light is very good for moods, working and entertaining guests in sunnier months without having to tolerate harsh, unnatural light from bulbs. Not to mention the massive dose of vitamin D you will gain from exposure to all of that sunshine.

4.) Enjoy your garden, without the temperature

A conservatory is a part of the garden, and what that means for you if you want to build one is a warm in environment in which you can enjoy all of the benefits of being in your garden without suffering any of the negatives. Whether you use the conservatory for working, dining or chilling out, you will be treated with natural light, greenery and a sky backdrop which is very nice indeed. Most people who build a conservatory often refer to it as the best room in the house, especially in summer time as the heat a conservatory collects all day long keeps it warm, fresh and inviting all through the night. All in all a conservatory makes a great addition to any home.

Ben writes about home improvements and currently works for a machinery hire company.

Photo Credit: Anguskirk.