With the housing market still recovering from recession, many homeowners have committed to redecorating their existing properties rather than simply moving to a new one. Refitting your living room is a great way to add some extra energy and life into the home space, transforming the mood of the property.

Modern takes on interior design are about clean lines, splashes of colour and a minimalist approach to furnishings. However, the classic stately home look remains very popular among those who want to create a traditional home. Here, the key theme should be luxury. The lived-in look can still work – it doesn’t have to look like Buckingham Palace – but maintaining a high standard of finish is important.

Before you start redecorating, you need to decide on an overall theme. While mixing flamboyant Rococo-style pieces with Art Deco bits may occasionally work, it can often look muddled and damage the overall impact of the room. If you already have a choice piece of furniture you want to retain, work out from this. Alternatively start a blank canvas with a colour scheme for the walls and ceiling.

Certain fixtures remain fairly consistent throughout period property – especially when it comes to lighting. Wayfair chandeliers and ceiling lights are good options, but there are others – should be complemented by table lamps, and look for a balance between small sofas and chairs for seating needs.

When it comes to colour, the tone you choose should depend on what mood you want to create in the room. Blue is a calming colour, but is often considered too cold for the living room. Oranges and reds can create a more energy, but remember to add those luxurious touches for the period look. The classic Rococo style is to lavishly decorate walls and ceilings with a combination of pastel colours and gold.

As for the furniture, the period look requires wooden pieces, usually polished mahogany or gilded, upholstered in leather or velour. Once you have your look, you can bring in Italian, Greek or even Chinese motifs to add a little extra twist.

Overall, be prepared to take your time and get the look right – especially when it comes to accessories. Be patient and build your look over time by trawling antique shops and you will eventually have your ideal period living room.